Dance your best.

NOVA DanceSport is more than learning a series of dance moves — it's a better way to dance. People who dance at NOVA DanceSport learn more and progress faster. They reach higher and more advanced levels of dancing. And they're more fun to dance with! Here's how NOVA DanceSport makes it happen.

Get started with the beginner class.

At NOVA DanceSport, you can start at any time with the beginner class. There you learn two dances per class, and each dance covered includes the basic step and a fun extra step such as the underarm turn. By the end of your first class, you're dancing to music with a partner. You're even ready to join a dance party at NOVA DanceSport! Each class features different dances than the previous class.

Practice your moves at dance parties.

Dance parties are a great way to practice with others you're learning with, plus they're a lot of fun! Take the optional beginner class and then stay for the dance. Every song is specially selected for dancing and we always announce which dance to use. And the best part: everyone is here to dance!

Two paths: rec and team.

As a dancer, you will find yourself gravitating towards one of two types of dancing: recreational or competitive. At NOVA DanceSport, you make faster progress because there's a path specially designed for your preferred type of dancing.

Become a sought-after social dancer on the rec path.

The most popular path at NOVA DanceSport, the recreational path (rec) is the fastest way to become a great social dancer. You learn a larger number of dances and a large variety of moves. Emphasis is placed on dancing clearly and smoothly with your partner. This is the path to years of great dancing with great friends!

Push yourself on the team path.

The competitive path (team) is designed to win ballroom dance competitions and requires a much higher level of commitment — team dancers are in the studio several times every week. Beyond strong proficiency in a dance, you work towards mastery. Lessons are more demanding and you receive correction on the smallest details. This is the path to world-class dancing.

Supercharge your progress with private lessons.

Learn more and learn faster in private lessons. You work on the dances you're most interested in. You receive instant feedback on your dancing and you progress as soon as you understand. And you learn advanced dances and moves that aren't easily taught in a group class.

More than dance parties.

You'll love the studio dance parties, and you'll love dancing outside the studio too.

Enjoy a night on the town.

Nashville has plenty of great live music venues. Good music, good company, and good dancing. Join the group as we dance the night away!

Perform for family & friends in showcases.

Invite your family and friends to see you perform a special dance at a showcase. You choose a song and your teacher designs the custom choreography. These performances can get quite flashy!

Prove yourself in competition.

Travel to dance competitions across the country to compete with your teacher or another student. Anyone can compete because you dance with others in your same age group and same level of skill.

If you're ready:

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