Dancing you can feel good about.

Meet fun people, have an exciting week, and love the way you dance.

A competitive ballroom couple performing an oversway figure.

Complete instruction, not the minimum.

It's hard to feel good about your dancing when you only learn the most basic outline of every dance move. You know plenty of dance moves, but your dancing feels rough, your dance partner doesn't feel connected, and you just can't seem to make the advanced moves work.

But when you dance at NOVA DanceSport, you'll learn the full technique behind every dance move. Your dancing feels smooth, your dance partner is connected, and you perform advanced moves like a pro. This is you dancing at your best.

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People dance their best at NOVA DanceSport.

Beginners, social dancers, performers, and competitors learn to dance at their highest level at NOVA DanceSport.

“The community of regulars is super supportive and friendly. Everyone from first-time-on-the-floor beginners to multi-award-winning champions intermingle and just have fun :).”


“I love this studio and these people!”


“Rather than watching dancers from the sidelines with envy, now others are watching me!!!”


“The best dance studio in Nashville. No question!”


“The owners truly care about dancing, both competitively and socially for fun.”


“Everyone here is passionate about dancing, and it truly shows.”


“I have been dancing since I was 3 years old. I am so proud to call NOVA DanceSport my dance home and family.”


“Such an incredible place! NOVA DanceSport is truly a home away from home for me!”


“High quality dance instruction, approachable for all skill levels.”


“They teach in a way that children and adults of all ages can understand and learn. The instructors they employ in all different styles of dance are top notch.”


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