Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have a lot of questions before taking your first lesson. That’s why we’ve gathered them all here in one easy spot!

Do I need a dance partner?2019-04-14T21:46:45-05:00

Everyone is welcome at NOVA DanceSport! No partner required. You will dance with your instructor during private lessons. In group classes, we encourage rotating partners for optimal learning opportunity. Both singles and couples attend our social dances—you will have someone to dance with!

What do I wear?2019-04-14T21:46:58-05:00

Wear clothes that are comfortable to move around in. Avoid clothes that restrict your movement. Feel free to bring a couple of pairs of shoes to try out. There are no special clothes required to dance—as long as you can move, you’re good!

I have two left feet.2019-04-14T21:47:23-05:00

This is a common thought for new dancers. Learning to partner dance is much more encouraging than going out on a floor and dancing by yourself. Instruction here is very structured to your needs and how your body moves.

I have no rhythm.2019-04-14T21:47:40-05:00

Almost everyone says this at the beginning and it’s almost never true. But it’s okay because you’ll be dancing with your instructor as you learn. There is no need to think about rhythm until you are farther along, and by then you will have found your rhythm for sure.

What are all of the styles and dances?2019-04-14T21:48:05-05:00

We teach many styles, including ballroom and club dances. You’ll be able to dance anywhere.

  • Ballroom
  • Latin
  • West coast swing
  • Salsa
  • Swing / lindy hop / Charleston
I have an extremely busy schedule. How do I implement this into my life?2019-04-14T21:48:42-05:00

We know you’re busy, and we can accommodate your schedule. We’re open for lessons every day of the week and we stay open late. And we schedule your lessons according to your calendar.

How long does it take to become a good dancer?2019-04-14T21:48:59-05:00

How good do you want to be? You will be able to social dance a couple of the dances within the first week. Every week you learn something new. You’ll learn new dances as you become comfortable with what you’re learning. New steps increase your options, and technique makes you a better dancer.

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